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Unleash your creativity, challenge your limits and get new energy

At Gråbogården, you have the opportunity to tailor your events with experiences that spread joy and build team spirit. Whether you're looking for adrenaline-pumping challenges or relaxing mindfulness activities, we're sure you'll find something to suit all tastes and preferences. 

Why not combine a nerve-wracking competition that requires good communication and teamwork with a de-stressing mental exercise to train focus and awareness, which helps with recovery and leads to increased creativity. 

Our activities are primarily suited for outdoors, but there is also the possibility of indoor games.The activities are carried out by selected partners and most activities are also carried out in English. Below you will find a selection of activities.

Mindfulness in nature

Relax. Unwind. Find peace and get new energy! Through mindfulness we train some of our most important human abilities; Attention and awareness. This is a calm and stress-relieving activity that suits everyone regardless of prior knowledge, and acts as a kind of mental exercise for the brain. The group is guided in simple mind exercises to train focus and awareness, which provides effective recovery and leads to increased creativity. The exercises are performed in silence and time is also given for reflection. We stay in the beautiful surroundings around Gråbogården and walk partly on uneven ground.

Participants: Max 20 persons
Time: Approximately 1 hour
Price: 3600 SEK for up to 8 persons, then 300 SEK per person (excl. VAT 25%


For the slightly more adventurous and competitive group, this will be an exciting competition where both the group's competence and cooperation skills are put to the test. Do you have what it takes? How well do you know each other's strengths? Did you know that in a crisis, the community, knowing someone close to you, can actually be just as important as being able to manage an outdoor kitchen or being able to purify water... There will be challenges on the theme of fire, water, protection and communication. Including. The exercises can be adapted to the size of the group and special requests. (If you would like to add fika with tea and coffee, or cooking a meal over open fire, please request this add-on in the inquiry form). 

Participants: Max 20 persons
Time: Approximately 1,5 hour
Price: 5760 SEK for up to 8 persons, then 360 SEK per person (excl. VAT 25%)

Mission completed

Embark on a cheerful and active adventure, with the help of a tablet-based map. Markings on the map opens up a wide variety of questions and challenges, guaranteed to to create a memorable experience together. Mission Completed gives you the opportunity to explore your surroundings, while creating engagement and strengthening the bounds between the participants. With interesting questions and entertaining challenges, you will compete in teams to gather the most points. After your walk, we will gather around to compile the results and crown the winning team. By sending you pictures and video clips from the activity, we create memories that lasts, and give you the opportunity to look back at the memories full of team spirit and laughter.

Participants: 4-50 persons
Time: Approximately 1,5 hour
Price: 390 SEK per person, minimum 6900 SEK (excl. VAT 25%)

All about the team

An experience that encourages teamwork and community in an entertaining way. Divided into teams, you will take on a challenge in three parts, to explore just how much you can achieve as a team. Prepare for a fun time together, where you will strengthen your team. All about the team begin with a challenge that puts your collective memory to the test. Together in your team, you will try to memorize as many details as you can from a memory board with several items on it, which you will only be able to view for a short moment. A good memory can bring you advantages in the following multi competition. Here, the teams will compete in a series of tasks where trust, communication and cooperation is the key to success. For every won challenge, your team will be rewarded an advantage in the final part of the activity. Everything can happen, and nothing is settled until one of the teams manages to solve the last tricky challenge.

Participants: 4-50 persons
Time: Approximately 1,5 hour
Price: 390 SEK per person, minimum 6900 SEK (excl. VAT 25%)

The ultimate challenge

Feel the thrill and fighting spirit when your teams enters the mighty arena and face each other in challenges testing your teamwork, strategic thinking and physical abilities. It is time to find out who are the champions of the company are. Are you ready to face the challenge? An unforgettable experience awaits you. Both physical and mental exercises awaits you. You have to give it everything you got, and keep a cool head, as you take on the challenges. Everything is decided in the final part of the activity, where the top teams will face each other to fight to be awarded the title of the companies champions. Your colleagues will cheer you on as honor, prestige and gold medals awaits you.

Participants: 8-50 persons
Time: Approximately 2 hour
Price: 550 SEK per person, minimum 12000 SEK (excl. VAT 25%)

Brain game (indoor)

Welcome to a tricky and energetic activity that requires teamwork, strategic thinking, knowledge and engagement from every team mate. Here, your sense of teamwork will be put to the test in a completely new way. We have prepared an an activity table with several challenges, from mind games to puzzles. The aim of the activity is to collect as many points for your team as possible, by taking on different challenges. You will come up with your own strategy for how you want to dispose of your time. When your team has completed a challenge, you will be asked to present your solution to our activity leaders. It is of utmost importance that every member of your team has understood the solution, which emphasizes the importance of team work.

Participants: 8-50 persons
Time: Approximately 1 hour
Price: 390 SEK per person, minimum 6900 SEK (excl. VAT 25%)

On the track (indoor)

Come along on an exciting journey around the world with our classic quiz On the track! In this entertaining competition you will get the chance to challenge your colleagues and put your knowledge to the test. Where are we going? Our proficient host guides you through a journey between cities around the world. Through tricky clues and wordplay, you will firstly try to figure out the destination. Then, a series of questions connected to the destination awaits you. With a wide range of questions such as music, sports, culture and history, it is your challenge to collect as many points as possible on our trip around the world

Participants: 6-50 persons
Time: Approximately 1,5 - 2 hour
Price: 390 SEK per person, minimum 6900 SEK (excl. VAT 25%)


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All activities take place at or in near proximity of Gråbogården, and cannot be booked without a confirmed accommodation at Gråbogården

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