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The story about
the fox

One day she just sat there looking at us. We did not know what to do with ourselves. We quickly started snapping photos as we thought this moment would only last a few seconds and we needed to capture the experience to be sure it really happened. But the fox just sat there calmly watching us, only few meters away from our terrace by our lake cabin in the forest. The fox finally scurried away, but from that moment she came to visit us often.

We got used to have little Foxxy around, but every time she came, we would jump with joy at the unusual close encounter with a wild animal. Foxxy would at times take things and hide them. Suddenly one shoe would be missing and later we would find it hidden not too far from the house.


One time a knife, Morakniv, disappeared from the outdoor table. We made up funny stories of how Foxxy turned evil and was taking commando over the forest with her new weapon. Foxxy also visited our neighbors from time to time and we all told stories of this little unusual animal. Foxxy even made front cover news of the local paper

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