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Gråbogården is surrounded by beautiful nature. Preserving nature and seeing it as an asset for our guests and future generations is the basis of our entire business concept. Being connected to West Sweden's initiative for a sustainable hospitality industry, Hållbarhetsklivet, is a clear choice for us and we do what we can to reduce the environmental impact of our operations.


The sustainability step has four basic pillars:

  • As little as possible environmental impact 

  • Good for residents and visitors

  • More visitors when we have less occupancy

  • More full-time jobs and more robust businesses

Some of our focus areas:

  • We recycle with bins both indoors and outdoors to reduce littering in nature.

  • Our toilets are vacuum toilets, similar to an airplane toilet. When flushed, the waste is exported to a tank directly with air, and only a little water which corresponds to 10% of what a normal toilet uses.

  • We offer a multi-night discount for long-stay to encourage guests to stay with us longer.

  • During the winter months, when we normally have lower occupancy, we offer lower prices.

  • We work as much as possible with local partners for catering and activities and we cross-promote each other's businesses. The majority of the catering companies we recommend choose local ingredients.

  • We provide information about the Swedish public right “Allemansrätten” and have material in different languages.

  • Guests are offered to relax with a selection of books about Swedish nature and wilderness.

  • We recommend nature experiences and simple activities on site.

  • We have water-saving shower heads and water from our own well.

  • We have invested in new energy-efficient washing machines with eco programs and steam functions that are always used.

  • Cleaning and changing of towels takes place after check-out to minimize environmental impact.

  • We work actively to reduce energy consumption by adjusting the indoor temperature when the facility is not rented out and turning off the fridge and freezer.

  • We buy eco-labelled cleaning products and hire cleaning companies with the same environmental policy.

  • At Gråbogården, we have replaced all the lights with LEDs. Exceptions for parking where they are planned to be replaced.

  • We respect wild animals and nature by asking guests to lower the sound volume outdoors after 10:00 p.m.

  • Part of the collaboration between VIA 190 and Lerum municipality for a better destination.

  • We employ local craftsmen.

  • When recruiting, we collaborate with the municipality of Lerum.

  • In season, we encourage guests to pick wild berries and edible mushrooms.

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