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Hilma & Evert 

If you are looking for catering, we recommend hiring Hilma & Evert for your special occasion. For a fee of 500 SEK, they can deliver the food to Gråbogården. In addition, they can also help decorate your party and provide service staff and tailor your event to your needs. Contact Hilma & Evert directly to get a quote and make arrangements.

Below are examples of what Hilma & Evert offers from their 2022 menu.
(Note that all prices can change at any time, so to verify prices, please contact Hilma & Evert). 


We always have cold-fermented rolls with cheese, cheese / ham or eggs / caviar, but also weekly flavors. Of course, we also have allergy-friendly alternatives such as gluten-free rolls and milk-free accessories. Feel free to ask us if you have specific wishes!

Small breakfast bag SEK 65
Coffee / Tea and optional sandwich

The mid-breakfast bag SEK 95
Coffee / Tea, optional sandwich and Forgotten apples must or Kåhög's yoghurt with our good topping.

Large breakfast bag SEK 125
Coffee / Tea, optional sandwich, eggs and caviar,
"Forgotten apple" must and Kåhög's yoghurt with our good topping.

Small snack SEK 85
Coffee / tea, optional ½ sandwich, Forgotten apples must or seasonal smoothie


The big snack SEK 100
Coffee / tea, optional sandwich, Forgotten apples must or the season's smoothie and today's soft cake.



Salads - Including bread and whipped butter.


Boden's locally produced classics SEK 125
The favorite from the old Handelsboden; Green leaves and seasonal vegetables together with spelled from Wästgötarna, sun-dried tomatoes and olives. Topped with locally produced charcuterie and served with our good cheese sauce.


Hilma's mentioned shrimp salad SEK 125
Green leaves, quinoa and shrimp are mixed and topped with pickled fennel, pickled red onion, our own dill mayonnaise and sous-vided egg.


Seasonal salad SEK 125
Sometimes vegan and sometimes not. But always locally produced and when the raw materials are at their best. Feel free to ask us about the season's variant!


Soups - Including bread and whipped butter.


Seasonal soup SEK 90
Our classic shrimp soup - ½ portion SEK 115 or Whole portion SEK 175

This week's homeowner SEK 150

Sandwiches SEK 55 each / 3 for SEK 150
A selection of all our good little Danish sandwiches. Feel free to ask us who we serve at the moment!

Carrot & Truffle - Shrimp & Dill Mayo - Lamb & Cheese Cream - Avocado & Pickled
Red onion - Bacon jam & hard cheese - Roast beef and curry grilled - Skagen

Cheese and charcuterie dishes - ½ platter SEK 125 / full platter SEK 175 
Take the chance to get acquainted with the best of what the region's local pantry has to offer. Cheese, charcuterie, good accessories and bread. Whole platters are calculated as the main course for 1 person and ½ platters for starters.


Our popular buffets and menu packages are based on locally produced delicacies and our own production of food, bread and pastries. The raw materials follow the season, so feel free to ask us what we have in the pantry at the moment.

Small menu SEK 175

- Optional salad in a serving box or on a large plate
- Bread and whipped butter
- Canned dessert

Large menu SEK 225

- Optional open sandwich or soup of the month in a cup
- Optional salad in a serving box or on a large plate
- Bread and whipped butter
- Canned dessert


Seasonal buffets

Our buffet always consists of 4 larger dishes / drawers, 2 bowls / dishes with tubes / picks and freshly baked focaccia with butter or bread mix. Most buffets can be adapted so that they become gluten-free and vegan / vegetarian. Depending on how many people in the party want special diets, we adapt a larger or smaller part of the basic offer. Do you have many in the party who prefer vegetarian, maybe our completely vegan buffet "green, nice and vego" can fit?

For each buffet, we suggest a suitable dessert jar, but of course you can also come up with your own wishes.

SEK 225 / person served on larger dishes / catering boxes
SEK 245 / person served in portion boxes

Including dessert jar + SEK 50 / person


Glass noodle salad with flank steak
Baked salmon with sesame and chili
Red cabbage salad with ginger
Stir in shrimp, mango and avocado

Sesame-roasted chickpeas
Shrimp chips

Freshly baked sesame focaccia with browned soy butter

Tips on dessert jar; Coconut panna cotta with passion fruit mousse


Creamy potato salad
Spelled salad with seasonal green leaves, marinated mushrooms and soy mayo
Trio of beets, baked, pickled and crème
Seasonal baked crops with lentils

Roasted chickpeas
Green Nocellara olives

Freshly baked focaccia with sun-dried tomato and bean puree

Tips on dessert jar; Vegan raspberry panna cotta and light chocolate mousse


Seasonal potato salad
Spelled salad with lemon-dressed fennel and arugula
Baked salmon with browned butter mayo, capers and planed hard cheese
Västerbotten pie with whipped crème fraîche and roe

Västerbotten biscuits

Freshly baked focaccia with whipped butter

Tips on dessert jar; Milk chocolate panna cotta and sea buckthorn mousse


Creamy potato salad
Seasonal green salad
Locally produced charcuterie tray
Cheese pie with seasonal topping

Pickled crops of the season
Carolina's good cheese biscuits

Freshly baked focaccia with whipped butter.

Tips on dessert jar; Pannacotta on seasonal berries and mousse with Kåhög's yoghurt


Italian potato salad
Charcuterie tray with melon and celery salad
Trio of 3 Italian cheese favorites with seasonal marmalade
Wine-cooked veal with capermayo

Green Nocellara olives
The green pesto of the season

Freshly baked focaccia with sun-dried tomato and bean puree

Tips on dessert jar; White chocolate mousse with lemon curd

Pick food SEK 45 / pc

If you are having a party with mingling without set tables, our different varieties of pick-me-up food fit perfectly. You do not need plates and guests can easily pick up the food and eat while standing and talking. Count on 4 pick-me-ups for the guests to be reasonably full, 2-3 if you only have a small mingle and 4 if you think you have a little extra hungry guests. If this is not the case from the beginning, most dishes can also be adapted so that they are both vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free.

Feel free to visit for an updated pick-me-up menu.



Are you planning a large birthday party, wedding dinner or a student celebration? We offer larger packages with several dishes where a main course, buffet or a so-called "sharing plate", which you share with your table neighbors, is the main course. We always adapt our party menus both according to the season and your wishes. In many cases, the order also starts with you coming to our kitchen in Tollered for a meeting where we go through your expectations and wishes. You will then also have the opportunity to taste parts of our menu.

You can also book serving staff who solve everything for you on site!

3-course party menu SEK 425
Optional SEK 55

- 2-3 different mingling slices
- Cake
- Night food

Rent porcelain and table linen
Porcelain SEK 5 / piece
Table linens SEK 200 / piece
Napkins SEK 15 / piece

Hire staff
Weekdays SEK 325 / hour
Evenings and weekends SEK 425 / hour




When it comes to cakes, we are happy to collaborate with the talented confectioner Karolina Lindberg. Feel free to visit Karolina's account @konditork on Instagram for more inspiration. For info about the season's wedding and party cakes, visit for an updated menu.

  • 5-6 pieces SEK 300

  • 8-10 pieces SEK 450

  • 12-14 pieces SEK 625

  • Wedding cake SEK 55 / piece

  • Rent of cake stand SEK 300

Jar desserts SEK 55

Our good canned desserts are always available in different flavors. Feel free to ask us about the flavors of the season.

Old-fashioned "kafferep" SEK125

Why not try something new and old for coffee? At the "kafferep" you are offered coffee / tea, freshly baked buns, cakes and sweets. Everything with style, finesse and an old-fashioned charm. Do you want to rent our beautiful vintage porcelain and maybe even get help to set everything up on site? Just say so and we will also book this.

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